• Triple Layer Method Brows
  • Ombré Eyeliner

    Ombré Eyeliner is a semi-permanent treatment lasting up to 3 years. The work is created in the upper lash line only and in amongst the lashes, rather than on the lid itself. Colours are customised to match your colouring. Two sessions are required approximately 4-6 weeks apart.


    It is highly recommended that no eye cream, lash serum or mascara be used 48 hours post treatment.

  • Lip Stain Tattoo

    Lip Stain Tattoo is a long term solution for adding a flush of colour to the lip. You will be integral in the consultation process choosing from a wide range of colours to blend your perfect shade, then all you will need is a hint of gloss for the perfect pout.

    To create the perfect pout two sessions are required, with the second session focusing on any colour fade. Results last up to three years.

    A hospital grade anaesthetic will be applied to the lips prior to treatment to minimise discomfort.