• Bro Wow

    Specific to our male clientele, a topical anaesthetic is applied at the start of your service to minimise any discomfort.

    Brows are tended to using a tweeze-only method to remove any bulk, length and curl, resulting in a more natural yet polished brow.

  • Peppering

    Exclusive to SHARON LEE®, our semi-permanent Triple Layer Method Strokes technique is a long-term, low-maintenance solution perfect for those with lack of hair, gaps, scars or brows that are simply the wrong shape.

    Within three visits (we recommend 4-6 weeks between each visit) and depending on your individual requirements, Sharon Lee will transform your brows with shaping and colour as needed along with a custom colour eyelash tint.

    As part of your Atelier service, be pampered with a glycolic under eye buff, gold pure collagen mask and heated paraffin hand treatment with massage and take home our comprehensive aftercare kit.

    Consultation is required prior to your first semi-permanent visit.

    Annual Top Up

    Annual Top Ups are crucial within 10 to 12 months of your final Triple Layer Method visit and prevent having to start the entire process all over again. Just one single session will have you sorted for another year at around half the price of your initial treatment.

    Strokes Refresh

    If at anytime you’d like to boost your Triple Layer Method brows simply book a refresh as often as you like for a nominal fee within 10 months of your final session.


    Sharon Lee specializes in corrective repair work. Timing is crucial to achieve the best outcome. This service is available exclusively in conjunction with our Triple Layer Method.

    Strokes Consultations

    Consultations are required for all Triple Layer Method Strokes procedures. Sharon Lee will provide a comprehensive full face read, factoring in face shape, along with skin and hair colour/texture, how you use your face and your at home maintenance regime.

    Our Technique

    Our Triple Layer Method is a far superior alternative to the commonly known Microblading, Feathering and Misting techniques. Over several sessions brows are transformed using our exclusive super soft layered technique to achieve natural looking brows with real dimension.

    Exclusive to Sharon Lee ®, our semi-permanent Triple Layer Method Strokes technique is a long-term, low-maintenance solution perfect for those with lack of hair, gaps, scars or brows that are simply the wrong shape.

    A series of strategic etchings are created throughout, paired with the application of custom blended colour to mimic incredibly natural looking eyebrows with real dimension.

    Pre Visit

    It is important that we are working with how your brows sit naturally. Therefore we recommend abstaining from anything invasive such as Botox and Fillers for 8-10 weeks prior to your first semi-permanent session. In addition, the more hair we have to work with the better.

    We highly recommend clients refrain from the use of active or medicated skin care such as Glycolic, Retinol and Roaccutane. Please disclose any use of these applications prior to your service.

    What to Expect

    While relaxing with your choice of beverage, we will apply a hospital-grade topical anaesthetic to ensure minimum discomfort during your treatment.

    Clients may experience some mild redness and the feeling of heat for the hour or so immediately following the procedure. Over the course of the following week, it is normal for colour to dissipate greatly.

    If you’re planning a major hair change, be it colour or cut, we recommend that you do this prior to your appointment. Please feel free to bring along any pictures or magazine clippings of looks you like.


    Your service includes a comprehensive aftercare kit including a Sharon Lee ® brow product, a combination of organic mist, balms, serums, medicated ointment and detailed instructions. It is recommended to keep exercise, excessive sweating and contact with water to a minimum for at least 4-5 days after the service.