• Luxe Lash Lift

    Wake up to luscious lifted lashes every day. Our Luxe Lash Lift is designed to lift and separate your lashes, enabling you to see more of them. Your eyes appear larger and more vibrant with lashes longer and fuller. Lash Lifts are perfect for even the shortest lashes and have virtually no aftercare.

    All of our Lash Lifts include a Lash Tint as well as a glycolic under eye buff and gold pure collagen eye mask.

    Enjoy the perfect eye opener for 6-8 weeks.

    Appointment Prep

    Eyelashes must be free of lash extensions in order to proceed with a Luxe Lash Lift.


    It is recommended 24 hours after the Luxe Lash Lift to avoid excessive use of hot water or steam, shampoo, makeup, creams and eye serum around the eye and lash area.