The SHARON LEE® brow experience begins with a comprehensive full face read, factoring in face shape, skin, hair colour and texture, how you use your face and your at-home maintenance regime.

As part of your Sydney HQ experience you’ll enjoy a light glycolic under-eye buff, pure gold collagen eye mask, heated paraffin hand treatment and massage, complete with cotton towelette infused with citrus essential oil blend.

All initial visits are conducted by Sharon Lee. Subsequent visits can be with a Senior Brow Artist.

  • Brow Wow

    Our Brow Wow service is comprised of a blended wax and tweeze method along with expert eyebrow shaping, second to none.

    The final sculpted brow look is then completed with tints, stains and/or lightening as required.

  • Teen Wow

    With preening teens, we take a conservative approach. Brows are tweezed rather than waxed, ensuring a defined yet natural result. Brow and lash colour is applied as needed.

    A topical anaesthetic is applied at the beginning of your service to minimise any discomfort.

  • Brow Tame

    A topical solution is applied to brows that may be too long, have curl or just will not sit the way you would like. We’ll have them doing what they should be doing in no time.

    Lasts up to 4 weeks.

  • Colour Triage


    A custom blended, organic, long lasting alternative to tints.

    Brow Lightening

    Often we use lightening as a technique to soften a heavy brow and mask any grey as tinting isn’t always the best solution for mature brows.

    Brow Stain

    Unlike a tint, a stain colours both the hair and the skin beneath, providing the illusion of more hair within the brow.